Modderna | About us
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We are Modderna! We manufacture high quality fiberglass body components that you see on our website. We specialize in the prototyping and manufacturing of both stock and custom items, using hand layup and closed molding (RTM) processes. We use only the highest quality raw materials available in the market today to allow us to meet the critical demands of our customers.

We specialized at european car brands (for example: Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche), with a very high demand from customers that seek the best components for their cars.


Quality is a term that we take seriously, and our customers seek it at our products. That´s the better way to take our brand to sucess.

Modderna body kits are made with “plug and play” philosophy, to make it easier to fit. These body kits uses original points to be applied the right way, so there is no hard work required. Easy fitment is our goal.

High quality, strong material, and moldable componentes, there are adjectives that defines Modderna the best way. Once you buy our products, you will be surprised, and will choose no other brand than our´s Modderna.

Thank you, and stay tuned for news.